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First Blowout of 2015. Down to $4.99

January 2015 Blowout Sale - Now On

How fun...2015 is rockin'!  The wines I have tasted already and the foods we tasted at the Fancy Food Show are shaping 2015 up to be a gastronomical success!

Let's start 2015 at....$4.99, $6.99 and $8.99  you pick....all at more than 50% off!

I have an incredible Cabernet Sauvignon for $4.99

I have an incredible Verdejo at $6.99

I have an incredible Pinot Noir at $8.99

And more!

The catch:  I only have around 300 bottles of each...then they are gone...and I know for sure many of them are not coming back....

Order now to get yours.