July 2011 Classic, Limited and Vinters Series Wine Tastings

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Boy, was Ed in a bad mood this month. Geez, he walks into the studio with both guns drawn. Good wines though.

Did you know that only 8% of the people who try and earn a Master of Wine pass the final exam?

Meet Peter Koff, holder of the prestigious Master of Wine degree, a very difficult degree to earn--and we had him here in our office!

Peter Koff
Classic Series July 2011
What a pleasure it was to interview on the few Masters of Wine in America, Peter Koff.  Though Mr. Koff has a South African accent (and is from South Africa), his palate is trained to appreciate and evaluate wines from all over the world. In fact, most of his wholesale book is French! More irreverent wine talk as Paul and Ed taste their way through the Classic Series for July 2011.
Vintners Series July 2011
Limited Series July 2011
Taste with Paul and Ed through the Vintners Series wines for July 2011. Really fun wines and more comedy between
Ed and Paul.
Join Paul and Ed for some unpretentious wine talk as they taste through the July 2011 Limited Series wine selections.
Your July selections are on their way, here are last months selections available for reorder.