July 2013 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

California wine history is rife with family stories. Farmers farming for the love of the grape. Wine being made for the romance of wine. Truchard vineyards was right there, right at the beginning. Watch and listen to Anthony Truchard tell us about how it all came about.

I had such a great time selecting the July wines. Each seemed more and more interesting. I wanted to find great wine values as well as find wines you may not normally pull off the shelf yourself. Take a look at some of the great values for July of 2013 in the wine world.

Watch as Ed and I taste the July Classic, Vintners and Limited Series and my interview with Anthony Truchard, our Featured Interview.

Classic Series Wines For July 2013
Really great values and more of Ed's off the wall humor.
Tempranillo, 2011. Marin - Item # 713R1
Torrontes, 2011. Diseno - Item # 713W1
Syrah, 2011. Inspring - Item # 713R2
Sauvignon Blanc, 2010. Valentin Bianchi - Item # 713W2
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Vintners Series Wines For July 2013
I just don't know why I take this abuse from Ed.
Pinot Noir, 2009. District 7 - Item # V713R1
Sauvignon Blanc, 2012. Bacan - Item # V713W1
Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012. Tierra Brisa - Item # V713R2
Trebbiano d Abruzzo - Item # V713W2
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Limited Series Wines For July 2013
Ed knows...is that like Nike? BO knows?
Carignan, 2010. Namesake - Item # L713R1
Malbec, 2012. Leval - Item # L713R2
Sauvignon Blanc, 2011. Tololo - Item # L713W3
Chardonnay, 2011. Six Degrees - Item # L713W4
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A Visit with Anthony Truchard.
In 1974, Truchard vineyards was born at the base of the Napa Valley...2nd generation Anthony Truchard stopped by to share the families love of wine

Paul and Ed taste the Classic Series for July 2013
Watch as Paul interviews Anthony Truchard