Saw these for $14.99 Your price: $4.99

Dear Wine Lover,

I am out to lunch. Literally. Yesterday I went to the General Manager and said "I want to share my wines with my membership...what do we have a few pallets of that I can sell for $4.99?" 

He and I immediately walked to the warehouse and conferred with the warehouse supervisor and we toured the pallets and I pointed to the 2014 Boreal Cabernet and the 2013 Gravelly Ford Zinfandel and said "I want those...those are my favorites" 

And here they are...the Boreal Cabernet Sauvignon...this is one special Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. The Cabernets from Chile are so distinct in their character...lots of green pepper and herbs. There is an interesting dark chocolate component right at the finish. Great example of what Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon can be. 

The Gravelly Ford Zinfandel knocked my socks off...too often Zinfandel is ripe, juicy and out of balance...not this example...really expressive of the spice and dried fruit, this Zinfandel carries just the amount of acid and fruit to give it great balance. This is what Zinfandel should be. 

Get them while I have them...because at $4.99 they will be gone...quickly.

in the Warehouse finding wines for the July Blowout