June 2011 Classic, Limited and Vinters Series Wine Tastings

May 2011 Classic series

May 2011 Limited Series

May 2011 Vintners Series

Each month I taste between 300 and 400 wines. Tough job, someone has to do it. The reason is The Wine of the Month Club is dedicated to providing the best values in the wine club business.

After 39 years of experience, we know what a $20 Napa Valley Cabernet should taste like or what nuances a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand should have. By comparing and contrasting all the wines you see on the shelf at your favorite wine shop, we can point to the real values out there. Wine is not necessarily a cost plus product; so much has to do with the merchandising and the branding of a wine. Some of the best wines I have tasted have come from unknown wineries in unknown areas that never made it to national prominence..and frankly, they may not want to.

Here are the wines we found for this month.