June 2013 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

I am so proud. So elated. So interested. What a fascinating interview with Baptiste Cuvelier, proprietor of the Argentinian property Agricola Cuvelier, but his family (now in their 400th year of wine production) owns the 2nd Growth Bordeaux property, Chateau Leoville-Poyferre. Watch...very interesting.

Watch as Ed and I taste the June Classic, Vintners and Limited Series and my interview with Baptiste Cuvelier, our Featured Interview.

Classic Series Wines For June 2013
Great line-up for our Classic Series...I think in the top two overall for the year.
Zinfandel, 2008. Tuscott Wines - Item # 613R1
Colombard/Chardonnay, 2011. Contempo - Item # 613W1
Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010. Paso Grande - Item # 613R2
Sauvignon Blanc, 2011. Paso Grande - Item # 613W2
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Vintners Series Wines For June 2013
Ed waxes poetic about the June Vintners.
Merlot/Cabernet, 2011. Baron Fontsegur - Item # V613R1
Chardonnay, 2009. Painted Van - Item # V613W1
Syrah, 2005. Point Concepcion - Item # V613R2
Riesling, 2011. 90+ Cellars - Item # V613W2
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Limited Series Wines For June 2013
Wow...great wines this month and fun conversation with Ed.
Merlot/Cabernet, 2010. Chateau Les Verriers - Item # L613R1
Zinfandel, 2009. Alexander Valley Vineyards - Item # L613R2
Sauvignon Blanc, 2011. 90+ Cellars - Item # L613W3
Chenon Blanc, 2011. Caves St. Roch - Item # L613W4
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What a pleasure to have Baptiste Cuvelier in the office.
What a great interview with Baptiste Cuvelier of Chateau Leoville-Poyferre (a Bordeaux 2nd growth). I have to say the highest ranking vineyard owner (if there is such a rank) we have interviewed here at the Wine of the Month Club 

Paul and Ed taste the Classic Series for June 2013
Watch as Paul interviews Baptiste Cuvelier