Leaping Horse. Falling Price. $4.99

Dear Wine Lover,

I just saw this at $18.99/bottle online while I was writing this note...
what the heck...let's sell it for $4.99/bottle! 

Iron Horse Vineyards is one of Sonoma County's most beautiful estate family-owned wineries producing incredible wines at incredible values.  Their project, Leaping Horse Vineyards, is making incredible in-roads to the value oriented wines.

Aubrey and Barry Sterling of Iron Horse Vineyards have lived in Paris and the idea of living on the vineyard and farming grapes struck them as "brilliant". In 1976, after having returned from France, they found Iron Horse and vowed to make it work. Now, between Iron and Leaping Horse Vineyards, they are producing both iconic wines for the enthusiasts and approachable wines for the table.

Our Leaping Horse Red Blend is a compilation of Zinfandel (for the spice and structure) Merlot (for the soft fruit) and Petit Sirah (for color and backbone). It spends 4 months in new French Oak for that touch of vanilla.

I found the wine irresistible on the outset and then for its long finish and soft tannins. There is a softness that seems to bring out the fruit and envelope the tongue. Serve at room temperature with red pasta sauce dishes and balsamic glazed chicken.


Leaping Horse