Limited Series Sale
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Limited Series Sale

Dear Wine Lover,

I have Cabernet Sauvignon, I have Pinot Noir, I have Chardonnay, I have Sauvignon Blanc. It is all reduced up to 70%...seriously. 

I took the best I have...and I took them all. I butchered the prices. Wines that were $25.99 are now $9.99 and some pretty amazing wines...wines you might never have been told to try at your local store; wines I have found scouring the importers and California wineries. 

I don't like complicated I made it real easy...ALL REDS $9.99 and ALL WHITES $7.99. 

I don't have a lot of everything but I do have enough to go around to the early get them while you can...if you have ever been interested in the Limited Series... here is your chance to taste it.