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What Is the Limited Series?

What Is the Limited Series?

"I read about your Limited Series but I am not sure what that is exactly. Can you tell me?"
– J. A., Williston, ND

We have three general Clubs, the Classic Series, the Vintners Series, and the Limited Series. Our Limited Series is identical to our Classic Series, except that in the Limited Series you normally get two red wines instead of a red and a white wine. The reason for this is premium wines such as those in our Limited Series tend to be red wine. However you can request white wine only, for we do choose an alternate premium white wine for our members who prefer white wine.

Is it more expensive? Yes. It is approximately $45.56 per month, plus tax and shipping. But, only the very finest examples of premium quality wines are selected for the Limited Series. We like to call it "The best of the best". A notch or two above the rest. Some wines are priced by name, not by quality. But the Limited Series selections are rare examples of truly extraordinary wines. These wines can be regarded as exceptional bargains when compared to other wines in the same or higher price categories.

So, if you are a Classic Series member who is interested in further expanding your knowledge of fine and exceptional wine, give our Limited Series a try. You will enjoy all the same benefits in the Limited Series as you did in the Classic Series. You will be glad you did.