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We're still the most affordable wine club on the market. Even though we consistently offer industry-leading wine club deals, cheap prices doesn't mean a cheap wine club. I taste over 300 wines a month to bring only the very best bottle for your buck straight to your door... So my $15 wine tastes like a $35, and my $25 wine tastes like $75, etc... No other club can say that. This IS the club that started it all—I mean really started "wine to your door." And we're still the most affordable wine of the month club on the market.

So how do I do it?
That's an industry secret...

Everyone thinks they are the best wine of the month club. Kind of hard to make that argument when we were the TOP RATED Wine Club by the consumer protection magazine, Consumer Reports (who set out to rank the best wine clubs in the US). That's right. When Consumer Reports tasted wines from various wine club offerings, the good 'ol Original Wine of the Month Club came out on top as the best wine clubs to join. I am not surprised because I do have the guarantee "You never pay for a wine you do not like." And I do personally check every wine club shipment that lands here to ensure it is what I ordered. It takes a lot of time, our customer service is unmatched.

Creating an inexpensive wine club that new tasters could experience without damaging their wallet, and giving wine that has been thoroughly vetted to provide tastes comparable to high end shops, makes me proud. For newcomers, our Classic Series started it all, and here is where you will find the best wine club deals. Our Classic Series is an affordable wine of the month club that's a great introduction to the world of wine. And with our satisfaction guarantee means that it's one of the best wine club deals out there. But it doesn't end there. As your wine pallet expands, so do our clubs. Every club is lightyears ahead of our competitors. And... I am the only monthly wine club that can say "The Original Since 1972!" Give with confidence, give the best wine club membership as ranked by Consumer Reports.

Get the good stuff.