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Serious $35 wine, $9.99/bottle

Dear Wine Lover,

Lost Canyon 206 Syrah is selling for $35.00 online.I can tell you this is one of those deals. One of those deals that makes you a hero to your friends. One of those deals that makes you grin when you pour the wine for your family. 

Because you can buy this wine from one of the big retailers on the internet for $35/bottle, or get it from me for $9.99/bottle. 

If you like big red wines, you will like this. If you like  big value in red wine, you will like this. If you want a $35/bottle daily drinker for $9.99/bottle, you will like this. 

And if you don't like it, I will give you your money back. 

This one is the one, folks. An  old school, down and dirty, sell-it-until-it-is-gone all American deal. 

Do not hope it will be here tomorrow. Because it won't. It just won't last that long. I have 102 cases...I will not hold you back...order as much as you want.