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Love Potion

Dear Wine Lover,

It really is.. Love Potion. Just look at it! Beautiful package, beautiful color, bubbles and is off-dry (slightly sweet). And you can single handily reignite your love life by "popping" a bottle or two. And being that our wine is from Argentina, who knows, maybe you will break into a Tango.. the official dance of passion!

Moscato's are all the rage. Most taste like sparkling sugar water. They've been brought into the US by the boat load.  There are some good ones, but they are not inexpensive.

I flipped over this Dulce. But it is not Moscato, instead it is made from Torrontes. Why do I like sparkling Torrontes better? First, the grape has wonderful tropical flavors that gives the wine a nice depth; Second, this is classified as a full sparkling wine and is bottled in a traditional champagne bottle (meaning it has REAL bubbles) and third; it has more alcohol (get the picture)?

I have enough for the romantics on our list, maybe I ought to use some legal disclaimers like the Viagra commercials, "Check with your doctor if you are healthy for such activity" or "for ____ lasting for more than 4 hours, see your sommelier".

Get it while it is hot...both the weather and the desire.