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Dear Wine Lover,

This is Magicale...it is one of the best sellers in this new wine category of sparkling red (off-dry) wines...and I am not allowed to tell you who this wine is made for.

But I can say it is goofy I can't tell you, the sales rep was a dumbo, the idea I can't tell you is kinds dopey and there are no woody flavors in the wine but you will catch a buzz.

Don't let this magical wine from a unmentioned magical place get away. It is all the Buzz and lightyears less expensive than buying it on Main Street.

Sells for $38...get it here for $15.99.

AND for $3.99…I am not going lower...ever!

This Sparkling off dry wine from Raza is incredible and it has never sold for less than this and never will. I have seen it for $15 on the web...$3.99!...seriously.