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Malbec? You Bet. On Sale.

Dear Wine Lover,

I was touring the wine cooler yesterday and noticed a pallet of Malbec, and then another pallet of Malbec, and yet another. I asked the supervisor, "What is with all the Malbec?" "Don't you remember? You bought all they had of these wines, so we are a little overstocked," he answered.

"Then let's make a great deal for the customers to get it out of here...we don't have the room with the holiday wines coming in!" I replied. "It's your company. Go ahead," he said

He's right...it is my company. So here they are...all these great Malbecs are on sale. Tell you what else. $10 shipping on all cases and $5 shipping on all 6 packs. Kapeesh!

Just great wines at great prices.