March 2015 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

There are 4 Rechargeable Electric Blue Corkscrews up for grabs (a $30 value each). Just answer all four (4) trivia questions found in our March Videos.  The first four entries with the correct answers will win (our emails are date and time stamped).

It's a Win Wine Situation!...I am giving away (4) of our $30 Electric Blue Corkscrews to the first four emails that we receive that correctly answer the four (4) trivia questions below from our March Videos.  Be the first in our in-box at to claim your prize...(of course you have to answer the questions correctly) (hint: the answers to the questions are revealed no more than 3 minutes into each video).

So much to talk about!...Ed is on a roll, a wonderful French winemaker stopped in to say hi...and the wines just keep rolling in.

Watch, learn, win!

Good wines. Good friends. Good Times. The March Classic, Vintners and Limited Series..

Remy Devictor is a hoot!

Just in from the South of France, and he paid us a visit.

Trivia Question for our Featured Video:
What year did Remy Devictor's father, Francois, purchase the Domain Sangliere?

Classic Series Wines For March 2015

Another great Classic lineup along with some interesting facts
about Ed's past history with Wine of the Month Club.

#C0315R1DC - Zinfandel, 2013. Cline
#C0315W1DC - Viognier, 2013. Oak Grove
#C0315R2DC - Merlot, 2013. Oak Grove
#C0315W2DC - Chardonnay, 2012. Pennywise
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Trivia Question for Classic Series Video:
According to Paul, Ed has been hanging around Wine of the Month Club
since before which franchise opened?

Vintners Series Wines For March 2015

High scores for the Vintners selections this month,
as these are some of the best values so far this year!

#V0315R1DC - Merlot, 2012. Kimmel
#V0315W1IA - Chardonnay, 2011. Trumpeter
#V0315R2IS - Tempranillo, 2013. Spanish Eye
#V0315W2DC -Viognier, 2013. Thornton
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Trivia Question for Vintners Series Video:
What county does the Kimmel come from?

Limited Series Wines For March 2015

Our unique Limited lineup begins with a superb Australian Shiraz
and finishes with an incredible Rosé example from Lebanon

#L0315R1IU - Shiraz, 2008. Playmaker
#L0315R2IF - GSM, 2012. La Tour de Penedese
#L0315R3IL - Rose, 2013. Ksara
#L0315W4DC - Chardonnay, 2012. Three Knights
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Trivia Question for Limited Series Video:
The Grandfather of Igor was taken by who after WWII?

Watch as Paul and Ed introduce the Classic series wines for March 2015
Remy Divector is a hoot!
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