March 2018 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

Dear Wine Lover,

I have the pleasure of talking shop with a 12th generation winemaker from Pommard in Burgundy France. Incredible history from this storied Chateau and district. The history of Parent Vineyards includes a brush with Thomas Jefferson and his love of wine. Anne is also a pioneer in biodynamic wine farming and manufacturing. I have brought in her wares for you to experience.


Intriguing conversation with biodynamic wine grower Anne Parent. We have all her wines in stock!.

Classic Series Wines For March 2018
Can't decide which wine to talk about; the blockbuster Cabernet from Shadow Creek or the oaked Chardonnay from our friends at Sawbuck.

Vintners Series Wines For March 2018
What's better - a beautifully complex Grenache/Carignan from Aude, France, or a bright, crisp Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand's North Island? Good thing we don't have to choose.

Limited Series Wines For March 2018
Featuring a wide spectrum of character, from an incredibly balanced and layered Crianza from Pagos de Aráiz in Navarra, to a Gewürztraminer with honeysuckle and tangerine notes from Martin Schaetzel in Alsace.

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