May 2013 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

Watch as I reminisce with Melvin Masters owner of Tortoise Creek Wines about the good old days and taste through some of his new vintages.

The hits just keep coming folks, May is no exception. However, working with Ed deserves a hit on the head...but we have a good time with this group of wines.

Watch as we taste the May Classic, Vintners and Limited Series and our Featured Interview.

Classic Series Wines For May 2013
One of the best line-ups all around for many months. Enjoy!
Carmenere, 2012. Corinto - Item # 513R1
Riesling, 2008. Steep Slope - Item # 513W1
Syrah/Grenache, 2006. Buzzard Tree - Item # 513R2
Chardonnay, 2010. District 7 - Item # 513W2
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Vintners Series Wines For May 2013
Ed and I get a kick off of this month's Vintners wines.
Merlot, 2011. Ballard Lane - Item # V513R1
Torrontes, 2011. 25 Lagunas - Item # V513R1
Malbec, 2011. Ombu - Item # V513R2
Sauvignon Blanc, 2012. Calcu - Item # V513W2
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Limited Series Wines For May 2013
This month was of particular interest. Ed and I taste through some really great wines.
Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008. Heritance - Item # L513R1
Sangiovese/Syrah, 2010. Incanto - Item # L513R2
Macabeo, 2011. Compania - Item # L513W3
Sauvignon Blanc, 2012. Penalolen - Item # L513W4
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Paul and Melvin Masters, Owner of Tortoise Creek Wines
Paul and Melvin Masters talk about the old days and taste through the new vintages from Tortoise Creek. Good stuff. 

Paul and Ed taste the Classic Series for April 2013
Watch as Paul interviews Melvin Masters.