May 2015 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

Great surprise visit from Chuck Carlson...winemaker at Curtis Vineyards and now with his own brand, Carlson Wines. And he grew up in a small farming town outside Sacramento "Reedly" (and I have been there!).

Ed is up to his usual cheery self as we taste through the Classic, Vintners and Limited Series.

Good wines. Good friends. Good Times. The May Classic, Vintners and Limited Series..

Interview with Chuck Carlson from Curtis Vineyards
Winemaker at Curtis Vineyards, now with his own brand, Carlson Wines.

Trivia Question for our Featured Video:
Curtis wines focuses mainly on what varietals?

Classic Series Wines For May 2015
Good stuff all the way around.

#C0515R1IC - Caberet Sauvignon, 2014. Boreal
#C0515R2DC - Zinfandel, 2013. Gravelly Ford
#C0515W2IF - Moscato, 2012. Island Girls
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Trivia Question for Classic Series Video:
Where does the name Lisa's Cuvee come from?

Vintners Series Wines For May 2015
These wines really grabbed our attention; WOW!

#V0515R1IS - Tempranillo, 2014. Pardal
#V0515W1IF - Sauvignon Blanc, 2011. Jean Francois
#V0515R2IC - Merlot, 2011. Coastal Oak
#V0515W2IF - Cht. Petit Freylon
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Trivia Question for Vintners Series Video:
What does Paf mean in French?

Limited Series Wines For May 2015
Great line-up for the Limited Series...Ed was impressed.

#L0515R1DC - Pinot Noir, 2010. Swami
#L0515W3IF - Sauvignon Blanc, 2013. Solar
#L0515R2IC - Pinot Noir, 2012. Errazuriz Max
#L0515W4IF - Clairette, 2013. Dom Galevan
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Trivia Question for Limited Series Video:
Why is it called CAP-Royale?

Watch as Paul and Ed introduce the Classic series wines for May 2015
Interview with Chuck Carlson
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