May 2018 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

Dear Wine Lover,

Ralph Garcin has worked for some incredible vineyards and wineries in his career, including Chapoutier, Boisson and Jaboulet. Now, he's Managing Director and Winemaker at Château La Nerthe, a legendary property making wines in the appellations of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Tavel.

In this video, we taste a range of wines, including an amazing Tavel which we'll soon be featuring in our Rosé club. Garcin explains that, as a winemaker, he blends grapes, not wines, employing a maceration method he calls "the lasagna process." This is truly fascinating stuff.


Truly fascinating stuff with Ralph Garcin, Managing Director and Winemaker at Château La Nerthe.

Classic Series Wines For May 2018
Ed takes us back 40 years, remembering incredible selections from the early days of the Club. This month, we feature a fine comparison of California and Washington Chardonnays. And Awning Estate is a perfectly balanced Cabernet from Chile at a perfectly stupid price.

Vintners Series Wines For May 2018
Join us as we taste Bicyclette, a beautifully blended Merlot/Syrah vin de France. Marc Cellars makes a Pinot Noir that's big and rich, with a structured, acidic backbone. Mecedora's Sauvignon Blanc is clean and fruity, while Auramaris Vermentino is something special.

Limited Series Wines For May 2018
The master winemakers at Lafite bring us a wonderful Légende de Rothschild Bordeaux. Paul and Ed are both blown away by Eich's Pinot Bianco (a.k.a. Weissburgunder), a typically German varietal from an Italian appellation.

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