Meet Winemaker Chris Phelps

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Learn what real winemaking pedigree sounds like.

A chat with Chris Phelps from Swanson Winery (descendants of Swanson Foods) about their winemaking philosophy, and maybe we'll find out what wine goes with frozen Salisbury Steak.

And join in the fun with Paul and Ed as we taste through the March tasting series

Swanson Winery
Chris Phelps of Swanson Winery.
Unreal pedigree in wine making.

Classic Series March 2011
More irreverent wine talk as Paul and Ed taste their way through the Classic Series for March 2011. Another text speak wine makes it way to the series..

Vintners Series March 2011
Taste with Paul and Ed through the Vintners Series wines for March 2011. Really fun wines and more comedy between
Ed and Paul.

Limited Series March 2011
Join Paul and Ed for some unpretentious wine talk as  they taste through the March 2011 Limited Series wine selections.

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