Your Valentines Heart in a Bottle.

Dear Wine Lover,

I absolutely flipped when I tasted these Mimosa's...and quickly put together this deal (frankly, I wanted some for my own Valentines). 

Your significant other will not believe your thoughtfulness. They might even blush. 

When you present a glass of our special will be good for a hug, but when they taste it...the skys the limit. (Seriously, hide the bottle because they will swear you made them from scratch) 

These are fresh fruit juices (not from concentrate) blended with nice sparkling wine...just like you would do it in your own kitchen...but way less work with the same result. 

Along with all the wines I taste here, I taste a lot of wine based beverages, most taste phony or are just not any good. These Mimosas get my wholehearted endorsement. 

This will make you start any day with a smile and bounce in your step...and who knows what will happen on Valentines Day!