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Montgras Reserva

Dear Wine Lover,

Sometimes I can't believe these deals. And I don't ask questions, because why look a gift horse in the mouth?

When I took over the Wine of the Month Club and was perusing the selections that had come before my time, there were smatterings of Chilean Cabernets and Merlots. My father saw early on that these districts in Chile - Maule, Casablanca, Central Valley, Colchagua and others - were producing exemplary wines when the proper wine making techniques were applied. Since that time (the late 1980s), South American wines have become world-class and quite approachable financially.

This Montgras Reserva is no exception. The first time I tasted the wine, I was intrigued and felt that it could land in the club some day. I asked the importer to keep me informed as to the distribution of the wine and the availability. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. I had forgotten about the wine and months later (last week), the importer calls... "Paul, remember that Montgras Reserva?" Checking my notes, I replied, "Yes, I really liked it." He continued, "How about you take all I have and sell it for $4.99 so I can clear out the warehouse?" "Done!" I exclaimed.

So here it is...the 2012 Montgras Reserva at $4.99.

Rich dark fruit in the nose with a hint of spice and cigar box. Mid-palate is heavy with dried fruit and vanilla. The finish is long and lingering with dried cranberry and a hint of  smoke. Serve at room temperature with your favorite charred beef.