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Best Summer Sipper. Period. $4.99 Moscato. I pulled it off.

Dear Member,

Watch Paul as he tastes the $4.99 MoscatoImagine a sun-drenched afternoon sitting on the porch, patio or veranda (what have you), sipping a tongue-tingling Moscato, reflecting on the day and readying yourself for supper. All this for $4.99! I bring good things to life...can I use that slogan?

The most asked for sparkling wine around here is Moscato, I think because it is not so dry and has wonderful tangerine and floral notes.

We sell tons of it during the summer months and around Christmas time.

This chance to taste a real Moscato from Italy at $4.99 will only come around once. Seriously. This is one of the best I have had and I like it because it has all the fruit and floral notes without the "cheek squinting" sweetness. It is "off dry" meaning there are hints of grape sugar...but barely detectable.

And the reason we are able to make this $12 Moscato available at ½ the price? The cork finish! The importer received two versions in the last container, and some were finished with a cork when the rest were finished with a screw-cap...and he can't have both on the shelf at the same time...so he called. Of course, I had to talk him down a bit, but he eventually saw things my way.

So here it is: a slightly bubbly, wonderfully delicate Moscato from the Puglia region of Italy.

And at $4.99 it will go very fast.