My Best Mother's Day Gifts

My Best Mother's Day Gifts

What Mom wants? A glass of wine, some special chocolate and to be left alone (It took me years to figure this out...consider it free wisdom).

Let's just make this easy. I was forced to taste dozens of special chocolates to find these exquisite examples from world renown chocolatier Chef Genie Kwon. After this difficult time of tasting and pairing, I came up with these perfect gifts; either one time shipments or club subscriptions.

I take great pride in tasting each and every Tuesday to evaluate and procure the best wine values for my members. I taste wines from not only the great wine regions of the world like the Napa Valley and Bordeaux, France, I also seek interesting vintages from lesser known viticultural areas like Croatia and the Caucasus.

Choose from our Classic Series, Napa Series, Sweet Series, Rosé Series or any of our regional or grape-specific clubs. Each of them is guaranteed to please. In fact, I will guarantee the quality with this statement: "You never pay for a wine you do not like."

Trust me, it is what Mom wants.