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Dear Wine Lover,

I have fun with these clubs. Curating wines of this caliber is very rewarding and enlightening. The winemakers passion for their product becomes clearer with wines in this status. It isn't the price that drives the is the passion.

I want you to try one (or more) to experience the value of passion in wine. Let me send you the first shipment at 50% off....cancel anytime, never pay for a wine you do not like.

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roséTwo curated selections of the best Rosés I can find from all over the world. Though the Provence region in the south of France is home to the most popular Rosés anywhere, virtually all wine growing regions in the world tout their own version of Rosé. We have been tasting and evaluating 100s of Rosés from dozens of grapes and dozens of regions ... and now I have the privilege of presenting two of these examples every other month, as we launch our new clubs this October. Wines arrive at $39.99/month plus shipping and applicable state taxes. Cancel any time.

napa wine clubI'm not sure this club even needs or warrants an introduction. I mean, what else could be meant by the Napa Club? Napa Valley wines burst onto the worldwide wine scene in 1976 at the Taste of Paris, and they have never looked back. At what became known as "The Judgement of Paris," Chateau Montelena took honors with their 1973 Chardonnay, Stag's Leap Wine Cellars, besting the best Bordeaux to win the reds. WOW! For this club, we scour the region for unique and expressive Napa Valley wines. I will send you two bottles every other month, arriving at $49.99/month, plus shipping and applicable state taxes. Cancel any time. Choose two (2) reds, or one (1) red and one (1) white wine.

bordeaux wineIt doesn't get much more pedigreed than this. The universally revered wines are from Bordeaux, France, and they are sought-after the world over. Many Bordeaux are release at over $1,000 a bottle. Well, I know is that there are over 10,000 châteaux in Bordeaux, and there are many wonderful finds with very competitive pricing. Between trade tastings and boots on the ground in Bordeaux, we find the greatest values from all the various sub-districts of this iconic wine-growing region. I will select two wines every other month and they will arrive at $49.99/month, plus shipping and applicable taxes. Cancel any time. Choose two (2) reds, or one (1) red and one (1) white wine.

bordeaux wine This is a fascinating trip through the organic and biodynamic movement in wine. Though the concept of growing wine grapes organically/biodynamically isn't new, the options that are coning through the doors here has grown considerably. I can tell you the there are good versions of these wines and there are bad versions. I send not only the good ones, but the ones of the best value. As well, your table will be graced by a variety of wines from all parts of the wine world. Enjoy the trip.

bordeaux wine This club was formed from put outright customer demand. As I taste through the specific styles of sweet wines...I have discovered a new set of grapes and styles that tickle the sweet tooth. I do steer away from the cloying sugared wines...and I tend not to feature dessert wines...just wines that are pleasant to drink without drying out your palate. I am really enjoying seeking these wines and have found some really fun district in the world that I was unaware were making their own sweeter style wines.

bordeaux wine If you ask many do...what is my favorite wine...though I don't have a favorite, my current fascination is with Pinot Noir. Such a versatile but finicky grape, Pinot Noir is known to be a conduit to the soil and weather from whence it is grown. Explore the nuances of this extraordinary grape through the Pinot Noir series where I take you from California, to France to Argentina. The movie "Sideways" had a huge impact on the popularity of Pinot Noir and it has not retracted since (by the way, Merlot popularity was clobbered but is back now).

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