2002 Zinfandel by Nonno Guiseppe

Dear Wine Lover,

Do you call your Grandpa "Nonno"?  My kids call their grandpa "Mepa" (of course as adults now they still call him "Mepa"). 

Nonno Guiseppe came to California in 1906 to begin making wine, and found his passion for Zinfandel.  And I can't thank him enough for making this great 2002!

That's right, 2002! And it is so complex and so balanced I flipped! Granted, Grandpa Nonno was not the most photogenic guy for a label, but we aren't drinking the label, we're drinking the wine!

Zinfandel is a most versatile grape. It can make extraordinarily sweet dessert wine, pink "white" wine, extremely tannic wine or wines like this for example; balanced, long lived and complex. 

Obviously, they can't make any more 2002 because that is all there is...and I have it all!.. So at $4.99/bottle you get a chance to taste a wonderfully aged Zinfandel at the expense of a not so good looking label. 

Get it while you can.