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Nonno is at it again. $4.99/bottle

Dear Wine Lover,

You folks  jumped all over (for good reason) the Nonno Guiseppe aged Zinfandel we featured...but more importantly, after you tasted the first bottle, you ordered more... 

If you loved the Zinfandel, you will freak over the Cabernet. Typically, Cabernet's are longer living than Zinfandel's anyway, this one just really shows how a wine can age gracefully and slowly. 

In the glass there is the distinct color of deep magenta turning to a rust at the edges. The nose is all dried fruit and cassis. Hints of cedar and leather. The palate is medium with the layers coming through. The finish lingers with this wonderful spice component. Really great opportunity to explore the wine world. 

I took all they had so get it while it is young.