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Get a $80 wine for $39.

Dear Wine Lover,

OMG. This is not to be believed. 50% off Oakville Cabernet!

You know that soil and micro-climate are everything to a wine.

You know that it is the region that drives the quality of a wine.

You know you can't make good wine from bad grapes.

But you know all this.

You know that Opus is one of the great California wines.

You know that Opus sells just south of $200 bottle.

And you know that Opus is in the Oakville District of Napa.

Do you know Opus' direct neighbor?   I didn't either.

But am I happy I do now.  

This wine is off the charts and literally shares a property line with Opus...and the we are the exclusive vendor of these incredible gems, perfectly aged from perfect Napa Valley conditions. 

Get a piece of Napa Valley at half price from Wine of the Month Club.