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At $5.99, only Petit Verdot you need to taste.

Dear Member,

Lapis Luna found at $19.99 online on another website.This just doesn't happen.

You don't see a wine that one website sells for $19.99 and we sell for $5.99... but it happened again and it is really good wine.

The five grapes of Bordeaux France are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and the Petit Verdot.

No doubt you have tasted the first 4...but Petit Verdot is rarely bottled on its own, and this is far and away the best example I have ever tasted. We featured the 2004 in the Vintners Series....sold out immediately...this is the 2005 and I bought the whole lot. Now everyone can taste what this Bordeaux varietal has to offer on its very own.

All I am saying is...this is the real deal. I could put this up at $19.99 and it would stand up to everything we taste in that price range, let alone the fact you won't find Petit Verdot bottled like this.

So, get this one while you can. Taste what Petit Verdot can do, get it at the best value of any Petit Verdot and impress your friends when you taste and discuss this obscure Bordeaux grape.

$5.99 all you can drink. I have 450 cases... well, 449... my dad bought a case (ok, I gave it to him...after all, he sold me the company).

Watch the video below to see PK sr. and myself taste this gem.