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Opolo Merot $7.99 Free shipping until it's gone.

Dear Wine Lover,

I have to move a lot of wine in a short amount of time. FREE SHIPPING on this unreal 2006 Opolo Merlot. 

I typically can't offer FREE SHIPPING-someone has to pay Fed Ex. But I have so much, I'd rather you have it in your wine rack for the holidays than it sit here. 

They tricked me. They knew I would be excited. They knew when I tasted this 2006 Merlot I would flip. They knew you would love it. Then the boom dropped. 

"You have to buy it all." Choking back fear, I asked how many cases that would be. 1500! I wondered if they saw the fear in my face. So I tasted the wine again. Couldn't help but respond to that last taste but by putting out my hand out to seal the deal. 

So...it was part of the plan to bring in much more than I need and reduce the reorder price promptly. Nothing to hide here-my job is to find you the best values I can find each month, even if it means buying more than I need and reducing the price. That is the kind of guy I am. 

This is real Paso Robles Merlot. Big, full-bodied, dense, layered, berries, spice, and you name it.  Buy it from me for $7.99 with FREE SHIPPING or get it at this place for $26.00!

Opolo Merlot - Elesewhere $26.00 - WOMC $7.99 + FREE SHIPPING