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It just doesn't get any better than this.

Dear Wine Lover,

The prices are all over the place on the wine...I saw it for as much as $34 (see inset) and as little as $19...but nothing like $5.99! 

Why mess with a good thing? Isn't business really about relationships; it's the people. 

And that is why you will not see this deal from any other wine vendor. Period.  (I did have to buy more than I wanted to get this deal...hence...the deal!

We have literally sold 1000's of cases of Opolo Wines and they trust us.

How else can you justify a $22 bottle of wine for $5.99? 

It is about the people and this case...the wine; and it is incredible. 

The wines from Opolo need no introduction. They are flat known for their voluptuous character, rich extraction and "in your face" fruit. And that is what you get here...except, gracefully aged. 

Petite Sirah is not for the faint of heart in the first place and put it in the hands of experienced winemakers and you are asking for a real treat. And this 2005 will not disappoint.