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Paso Robles Wines

Dear Wine Lover,

"Napa is for auto parts, Paso Robles is for wine". So says a bumper sticker we saw on a wine truck driving through Los Angeles recently.

Not sure I agree, but I can tell you that Paso Robles wines are world class, and it is no wonder why the big French houses are buying vineyard land up there. 

The lead grapes are the grapes from the South of France...Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre...and I have one right now, from Paso Robles, for $5.99 a bottle! This is a nice wine and a great example of the Paso Robles Syrah based wines.

We also have a Carmenere, which for hundreds of years was thought to be Merlot. Soft, berry flavors, soft tannins and smooth. Then DNA proved that it was a different grape all together. Subsequently, it has thrived in Chile as a mainstay of many wineries...and our version is different. Corinto is one of our favorite Chilean wineries and their Carmenere is one of the best examples of their work. And at $5.99...ummm, you must try it! 

We have a good supply of both wines, however, you know what happens at $5.99 a bottle!