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Paul's Personal Thanksgiving picks on Sale

Dear Wine Lover,

"Thank you." That is all I can say…and let me "thank you" where it helps the most in this economy:  your pocketbook. Everything on this list has been reduced. 

I have a big family. My wife has a big family. Together this Thanksgiving we expect close to 100! 

I went through the warehouse and pulled out the wines I am taking home for Thanksgiving! Then I thought, "Why don't I share with my members and customers these great Thanksgiving selections…and give them a dramatic discount?" Couldn't find a reason why not! 

I am serving these wines to complement the varied flavors of Thanksgiving:  lighter whites and medium reds with a few departures to fill in for beef dishes and heavier creams.  In the wine descriptions I have paired the typical Thanksgiving foods to help in your selection.