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Pedigreed Cabernet

Dear Wine Lover,

You will be disappointed; you will be bummed; you might even be embarrassed; but I know you'll be downright mad to miss these two Cabernets.

A.) The deal was I couldn't tell you who made them if I sell them at $5.99 (but you would be impressed)

B.) I only have 150 cases of each (2005 and 2006) and

C.) They are incredibly aged Cabernets worth 4x this price. 

And I should know...While everyone was shopping for Christmas and celebrating the New Year, I was pushing hard on this winery to sell me these cases. We were able to convince the good folks at Suspicion to use their brand. (since the actual maker won't allow me to mention their name) 

And I am not going to charge for the aging...It costs a lot of money for these wineries to sit on these gorgeous wines for years. They pay to have the grapes grown, pay for the picking, pay for the fermentation, pay for the barrels, and then sit on all that expense until they sell the wine. So, in this case for many years. And now I bring it to you for $5.99. Don't ask, I don't know either. 

Get them now. Get them while you can. 

Of course, they are guaranteed. "You never pay for a wine you do not like at the Wine of the Month Club"