Pra Vinera Oaked Chardonnay at $3.99

Oaked Chardonnay at $3.99

Dear Wine Lover,

We heard the supplier sold this wine to a retail chain that's selling the wine for $5.99. Oh yeah? Take this...I'll go head to head at $3.99! Guaranteed you will like it or I'll send you something you do!

This happens once in awhile, I do what I can to prevent it (hasn't happened for years). I can tell you that the retailer had $21.99 as the retail value...That seems aggressive, but I would not be disappointed if I paid $14.00 for it and took it home.

I loved this wine...worth every bit of $14.00 per bottle. Now at $3.99!!! Wonderful green apples and vanilla...great body and finish.

Get it while you can...not a whole lot around.