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From My Private Cellar

Dear Wine Lover,

The good stuff. The cat's meow. The real deal. No holds barred. That's what these wines are.

And I want you to try them (some...all would be too expensive!)

These wines are impressive. They will absolutely adorn your holiday feast in style.

They are my private cellar wines that have been in temperature controlled environments since they were bottled. They are impeccable examples of some of the great wines of the world. But they are not inexpensive.

I went through the inventory and hand-picked these wines for you to try.

So the question is, "Which one of these expensive wines do I buy?"  It is funny when you begin to taste wines in this price range...because like lesser priced wines, there are some you really like and some that you don't feel are great examples. These wines however, have been tasted and approved as great vintages in their own right.