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Queen of Hearts

Dear Wine Lover,

"THIS JUST IN:  Winery calls and offers 100 more cases (that is it folks!) of Queen of Hearts Merlot...last chance to experience the great value in Santa Barbara Merlot."

Who sells gorgeous Merlot aged for 18 months in oak and hand-picked from a family estate vineyard for $5.99? 

 I do. 

This wine is exceptionally good and they gave me an incredible I am passing the savings on to you. The catch? There is only 400 cases. And I can tell you it will go fast. In fact, a very good customer was confiding in me last week that she was disappointed she hadn't reacted fast enough on our last two email specials...BTW, every wine we feature on these special purchases is guaranteed "you never pay for a wine you do not like." 

This is the family estate of the Lucas and Lewellen brand. Hand-picked, aged in oak and just the right amount of bottle age. $5.99!