Interview with Ralph Garcin of Chateau La Nerthe

Ralph Garcin of Château La Nerthe stops by to talk to Paul Kalemkiarian at the Wine of the Month Club. Garcin started off in viticulture, and moved into winemaking to follow his passion. He's worked for some incredible vineyards and wineries in his career, including Chapoutier, Boisson and Jaboulet. Now, he's Managing Director manager and Winemaker at Château La Nerthe, a legendary property that makes wines in the appellations of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Tavel.

Here, we taste a range of wines from Château La Nerthe, including an amazing Tavel (which we'll soon be featuring in our Rosé club) and several reds and whites. Garcin explains that, as a winemaker, he blends grapes, not wines, employing a maceration method he calls "the lasagna process." This is truly fascinating stuff.