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Real Australian

Dear Wine Lover,

This blows me away. $21.99 on the web. $5.99 here. Paul... "How do you do it?" This is how...

A beer importer told me he had this really good Australian wine and he was having difficulty training beer salesman to sell wine. Duh. 

Online on other sites at $21.99My question was, "Can you tell me why you thought selling beer was like selling wine?" and then I lowered the boom. "I can buy this wine, but you need to come WAY down in your price if you want me to buy as much as you need to sell!"

He said "No", I replied "Fine".  Of course, he eventually said "YES!"

But I had to buy 4 pallets more than my usual commitment...I saw it for $21.99 on the web...$5.99 right now, right here. I have 212 cases…that is it and there ain't no more. How do I know that...because this guy will not be bringing in any more soon!

If you want to know what a big bold Australian wine should taste like...here is your chance at a fraction of the price.