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Real Wine $4.99

Dear Wine Lover,

Received this wine Friday.  Tasted it. Flipped over it. Bought it Friday noon. 

And it is no wonder why I jumped all over it: 

"One of California's brightest stars in the field of winemaking" and "One of the top ten small production winemakers in the WORLD!" Says the James Beard Foundation of Bryan Babcock. 

I call him the second baseman at Occidental college in 1979! That is how far back my relationship with Bryan goes...my best friend was the pitcher on the same team. 

And now he makes world class wines...and he offered one to us to sell for $4.99!  "thatta a way Bryan!"

From the ripe juicy nose, to the great balance in the mid-palate all the way to the long fruitful finish, it defines the idea that the "whole is greater than the sum of its parts". 

Multiple grape varieties and multiple vintages give this wine a balanced complexity that is at its peak.

Real wine from a renowned winemaker...$4.99 (pat myself on the back...no one else will). 

I have 336 cases. Cork finish.