Rose Wine

Rosé Your Way to Warm Days

Welcome Spring!Earlier this week was the vernal equinox (a.k.a. the first official day of spring), although in some parts of the United States, winter isn't ready to let go. Spring is a beautiful season! I like to pause to take it in, to enjoy that there are more warm days than chilly ones, and to appreciate a break from the hectic winter holidays. But I also see spring as a time to look ahead. As the days get warmer and warmer, I feel the promise of summer in the air, and my taste buds start craving a lighter, more refreshing wine for spring and summer, like Rosé.

In French, Rosé means "pink," and in wine-speak, it means wines that are pink or reminiscent of the color. With the exception of some Champagnes in France, Rosé wines are made from red grapes so they are also known as blanc de noir (as in "white from black," referring to dark grapes). Fine dry Rosés are produced in many regions of both the Old and New Wine Worlds, including fine French examples from Anjou, Lirac and Tavel. In the U.S., the descriptor "Blush" is sometimes used instead of Rosé.

An outstanding facet of Rosé wine is its adaptability with regards to food pairings. Since it spans the line from red to white, it complements light meats, like fish, and heartier meats, such as steak, making this refreshing wine a great selection for grilling season.

In summertime, it's nice for life to be as easy as possible. As you enjoy spring and look ahead to summer, wouldn't it be great to have Rosé on hand? Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to run to the supermarket before you settled in for a relaxing summer evening? I'd love to help you with that.

Rosé is one of the hottest wine segments in the U.S. today. That's why I created our Rosé club! There is a genuine treasure trove of great Rosés that I taste each week, and now I am privileged to select two Rosés every other month for this diverse club. Wines in this club come from wineries from all over the world.

Each shipment is accompanied by our full color newsletter packed with information for both the novice and experienced wine lover. It includes winery and winemaker history, recipes, cellaring suggestions, serving suggestions and wine anecdotes to share.

The Wine of the Month Club's Rosé Series Membership delivers two curated bottles of Rosé to your door every other month. You can treat yourself, or treat a friend to a Rosé Wine Gift Membership. When you need a wine for spring and summer weather, look no further than Rosé.

Click here to learn more about the Rosé Series Membership.

Click here to learn more about the Rosé Wine Series Gift Membership.