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Sake. For real. And really good.

Dear Wine Lover,

1 in 5 glasses of wine poured in the world is Sake. 

Since 1990, Sake in consumption in the U.S. is up  10 times! Why?  

Sake. Extremely interesting. And hangover free. So what is this mystical drink...that can be served warm? 

And...I have seen them at tastings toping $100/bottle! I was intrigued to find a great tasting Sake at an affordable entry level price.

Enter Kigen...a Junmai sake (no alcohol added). I really flipped over the fruit and balance of this Sake and the price is really quite perfect to try what the Sake world is about. 

Made from rice, the quality of Sake is determined much like wine and the descriptors are very similar...fruit forward, acidic, lingering finish etc. 

Our Kigen is made in the U.S. to exact standards and can be served warm or chilled (low-end Sakes can only really be served warm).