Solid Reds

Dear Wine Lover,

"If they ain't making too much wine, they ain't making enough" says fictional winemaker Jim McGloklin. You see, though he is not a true winemaker, what he says is TRUE! 

A little overproduction...makes for large price reductions. Jump on these two cellar stars for 1/3 of their retail price (that's 60% OFF!) 

Here are two great wines stuck in "over-production" and we get the advantage. Two wines normally $15-$ only $5.99 each 

Each with wine accolades, each with winery pedigree. Each with our, "You never pay for a wine you do not like" guarantee. 

These are in limited supply. I have 168 cases of Tinto Rey and 152 cases of Langetwins  Cabernet. 

Get them now...or never get them.  Limit one case per household.

Prices found online on other sites for these two great wines

The Lange Twins Cab online at other sites for $16.00 per bottle

Matchbook Gordons online on other sites for $16.99 per bottle