South American Wines

Dear Wine Lover,

One of the hottest trends in wine right now is South American wine, primarily from Chile and Argentina (sometimes Uruguay)...

Millions of dollars are being invested into wineries, vineyards and tasting rooms to accommodate the worldwide demand for these wines. Of course, we at the Wine of the Month Club have known how great these wines have been for over 30 years... In fact, one of my first wine finds in 1988 was a Chilean Merlot made by the Lafite Rothschild family - and my father had Chilean wines in his shop in the '60s!!

There are still great values in Chile and Argentina from many small boutique estates growing and vinting wine for the passion. I chose three of my favs for a special South American extravaganza...

Buy (1) or all...get them while I have them.

Offer expires Monday, July 16th at Midnight PDT.