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Sparkling Wines On Sale

Dear Wine Lover,

I truly believe that sparkling wine (Champagne) should be part of the consumption habits of all wine enthusiasts. In other words, not just consumed for celebrations.  

I have had the great pleasure and honor to interview winemakers from two of the great Champagne houses right here at the Wine of the Month Club: Monsieur Clovis Taittinger of Taittinger and Monsieur Guy De Rivoire of Bollinger (click email to see videos).

These two encounters gave me a new appreciation that Champagne and sparkling wines have their place in the culture of wine and the dinner table. One aspect of Champagne is its longevity. They can age dozens of years and have amazing complexity as they age. In fact, Taittinger's current vintage of their premium bottle is 2006.

Join me in the appreciation of Champagne and sparkling wine. I chose a few different bottles in varying price ranges to satisfy the cravings.

I assembled some of the greatest examples of fine Champagne/sparkling wine with something great for every budget. Each is guaranteed to please or your money back.