Wine is a wonderful conversation starter and day-ender...and many wineries are having a hard time right through all these great offers we've been given, I can pass them on to you.

I put all these great offers in one you can scroll through and see what tickles your fancy.

Thank you for your patronage...the staff here at WOMC appreciates not only your business but your appreciation of fine wine.

Salut and be well.


Last Chance - Best Sideways Gift Ever

This is a very cool gift for people that love the movie Sideways. Your gift recipient will savor the wine while reading the original book by Rex Pickett


Gift of the Week

Give me your custom gift message, and I will ship 1 or 2-bottle gifts in our elegant black gift box in time for the holidays. ORDER NOW< SHIP LATER.


Sparkling Wines & Ports On Sale

In any given year, the holidays are a special time. And special wines are in order. This is not ANY GIVEN YEAR! I think that these special wines are even more in order now! So I have picked and added a few more sparkling wines to our repertoire and tapped my old friend Andrew Quady to send down his famed ports (one of the greats from California).


When Only Baccarat Will Do.

When Jean-Charles Boisset, wine innovator and celebrity, set out to create the ultimate in elegant wine glasses and decanters, he called on the famed Baccarat (a French commune in the Northeast) crystal makers to collaborate and create these unique gifts.


Bruce Neyers Wines

I finally got the chance to catch up with him (just before the fires forced everyone to evacuate). I chose my favorites of his offerings and put them on sale for you.


Broadbent Selections on Sale Now

The Original Wine of the Month Club paired up with Broadbent selections to offer great value to its members from the Broadbent book. Impressive history, impressive wines, and impressive prices.