Wine is a wonderful conversation starter and day-ender...and many wineries are having a hard time right through all these great offers we've been given, I can pass them on to you.

I put all these great offers in one you can scroll through and see what tickles your fancy.

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Celebrate Dad With The Gift Of Wine

I'll get it there in time to celebrate with Dad, with 2-day shipping for $10.99.

Father Knows Best...the title of an old TV show...and it's true. WE are full of wisdom, just ask us! But no denying we like our vino and the idea of a subscription couldn't be better in today's pandemic climate.

Order any (6-month) shipment gift and I will augment the first shipment with (2) MORE Free bottles (total of 4) or order any (12) shipment gift and I will augment the first shipment with (4) MORE FREE bottles (total of 6) just to elicit that extra "ahhh...." For a limited time, receive a FREE 4pk of Repour Wine Saver Stoppers ($9.99 value) to preserve the bottle's freshness with each pour.


Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018. Auctioneer

The 2018 vintage is aged in 60% New Oak and 40% neutral barrels for 15 months. The wine is refined, elegant, and beautifully balanced-in essence, the style of wine that made Napa Valley famous. It has dark aromas of Cassis, plum and anise, and the palate displays rich cherry and blackberry flavors with just the right amount of fresh acidity and toasty spice. Soft, ripe, tannins lead to a balanced and long finish.


Pre Tariff Pricing Bordeaux Sale

The wine industry has been in a tizzy. Last year because of a dispute between Air-Bus (French aviation company) and Boeing, a 25% tariff was imposed on many European goods...including French wine. And one of the stipulations was that unless the wine was on our shores (not on the boat), it was subject to a 25% tariff. Many Bordeaux that landed here post tariff date, suffered an increase price of 25%.


Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014. Hawk and Horse

Offering organic and biodynamic wines, this block buster Cabernet Sauvignon that threw me to the ground is a must have for wine enthusiasts of all levels of collecting.


Red Blend, 2017. Oak Vineyards

Is it a big Napa Valley Cabernet that commands over $100/, but it is a very approachable wine that if I walked into a wine shop and paid $19/bottle, I would not be disappointed. I had to buy much more than I need to get a price that allowed me to feature the wine in the club. Here is the extra inventory on sale....get it for $6.99 or $5.99 or $ choose.


Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019. Austin Hope

Winery Price: $56.00 Get one: $44 Get 6 bottles or more: $39.00. You will NOT be disappointed. I only have a few cases...get it while you can drink now or cellar for many years


Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016. Trinchero Mario's Vineyard

The 2016 Mario's Cabernet Sauvignon is lush, with aromas and flavors of dark cherries, mocha, chocolate and raspberry jam. On the palate, the wine is soft and youthful, with lovely polished tannins and a lingering, silky finish.


Gift Basket Blowout!!

The holiday season is over, covid gift giving (that was a thing) is slowing but I still have 2 and 6 bottle gift totes that I need to move.

Packed with our latest releases of wines, these two elegant treasure packs make a wonderful gift for the wine enthusiast on your list.


Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018. Dayna Estate

Dayna Estate is a joint venture between Silenus Vintners and Paul Segas. Paul is an experienced grape grower that sold fruit to Chateau Montelena, Robert Mondavi, and Joseph Phelps, and he also runs the show at Highlands Winery on Howell Mountain. His wines are becoming increasingly known for being classic examples of their origins and exceptional values.


Malbec, 2020. Los Pasos

This Malbec is a good example. The marriage between Malbec and Argentina is quite entertaining. In Bordeaux it is hardly used because of its harshness, but can be useful in weak vintages. But, its transformation here is undeniable. It has become Argentina's national grape.


2018 Caymus Wines - Free Shipping

Covid has had many effects on the wine trade. Restaurants are not buying, internet sales are up, and wine enthusiasts have upped their game with what they drink at home. I bought all the bottles from Caymus (including 750ml, 1 liter, and 3 liters), for a limited time get FREE SHIPPING when you buy 2 or more bottles. I can say with certainty when these are gone, they are gone.


Silver Oak Wines - Free Shipping

Silver Oak has become the de facto standard for Sonoma and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (as has Wine of the Month Club for wine clubs!).


Tantalizing Summer Wines...Hand Picked

Regardless of what color tier your state or city is in...summer is upon us and it is time to indulge in crisp white wines and full-bodied Rosés. Like picking summer fruit or seasonal vegetables, I have hand picked traditional summer wines and put them on sale with FREE SHIPPING.