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Super Tuscan, without the super price

Umbria Cabernet, the Super TuscanDear Member,

What the blankety-blank is a Super Tuscan? Good question.  As far as I can tell, it is a merchandising tool to elevate the romance of Bordeaux grapes grown in Tuscany.  In other words, grapes that are not classified to be put into Chianti, bottled on their own, or even blended...and they charge us a fortune for this (never have understood that one).

Here is a wonderful Cabernet grown in Tuscany that represents excellent value and I guess, based on what I can tell, a "Super Tuscan", just without the price tag. 

This is just great Cabernet grown in Tuscany Italy.....they would call this a Super Tuscan
based on the grape and the area...I just call it great value.