This "Chic" wine is now $5.99! Was $23.99

Dear Wine Lover,

Enough already, If people don't ask me what my favorite wine is, they are asking me what the "chic" wines are... 

So here it is folks, the "chic" "est" wines on the planet are the premium red wines from not Port, but premium red wines made from the same grapes...and they are really good. 

At least the good ones are really good. I was approached on this gorgeous 2006 Terroso  from the Duoro (best Portugese wine region) and made from Tinto Ruiz and Barroco (two of the great Port grapes and aged 18 months (3 in French Oak; the best oak for wine). 

The "chic" "est" wine. The best region in Portugal, two of the best grapes, aged in the best oak...hellloooo! But at $5.99...that is crazy! 

Buy as much or as little as you would like...but don't wait, it will sell out.