Thanksgiving Wine Gift Packs

Thanksgiving Wine Packs

I love this time of year....Makes me feel good; the spirit, the food, the camaraderie. What is also fun is the transition out of summer quaffers into more directional wines and the foods they go with. Take Thanksgiving for instance...yes, please, perhaps everyones favorite holiday meal.

It is challenging in America to pair Thanksgiving fare with wines. There is such a wide variety of foods that are served; classic roast turkey and beef to ethnic dishes that we may have never heard of (this is America at its finest diversity).

I sat with a list of interesting wines that peaked my interest in sharing within a variety pack that covers the gambit of flavors we will be experiencing. I created (4) different pre-packs: Turkey centric, beef centric, ham centric and non-traditional (look, no one is going to look...order whatever pack tickles your fancy).

Enjoy and take comfort in my guarantee "you never pay for a wine you do not like."

Happy Thanksgiving and go ahead and over indulge a bit....