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Real Cabernet Sauvignon. Real Inexpensive


Dear Wine Lover,

Real Cabernet Sauvignon. Real Inexpensive. 

And 70% Off! Heelloooo! This wine sells for $16.64 at one of the largest retail outlets in America...not here! 

Not sure how else to net it out. 

I done did it again...Sometimes I think I am too good for my own britches (what are britches anyway?) 

No applause necessary...ok, maybe just a little...there are so many wines coming into the office, I hate saying no when these opportunities arrive. 

This one is short lived, I ONLY HAVE 298 CASES!  Get it while you can. Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. 

The Supper Club...hmm...sounds like it could be a movie.